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Methodist Event Calendar

Quadrennium Theme: Spreading Scriptural Holiness, Transforming The Nation
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CCM Head of Churches Retreat

Date: 22-Jan-2019 to 24-Jan-2019

Council of Laity

Date: 12-Jan-2019

STM 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving

Date: 06-Jan-2019

AEC (P) & COT (P)

Date: 04-Jan-2019

43rd Session Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference Past Event

Date: 27-Nov-2018 to 29-Nov-2018
Venue: Sibu

43rd Session Trinity Annual Conference Past Event

Date: 24-Nov-2018 to 26-Nov-2018
Venue: PDMC

43rd Session Chinese Annual Conference Past Event

Date: 19-Nov-2018 to 21-Nov-2018
Venue: PDMC

43rd Session Tamil Annual Conference Past Event

Date: 16-Nov-2018 to 18-Nov-2018
Venue: PDMC

43rd Session Sarawak Iban Annual Conference Past Event

Date: 11-Nov-2018 to 13-Nov-2018
Venue: Sibu

15th Session Sabah Provisional Annual Conference Past Event

Date: 08-Nov-2018 to 10-Nov-2018
Venue: KK

29th Session Persidangan Misi Sengoi Past Event

Date: 23-Oct-2018 to 25-Oct-2018
Venue: Kampar

COT (P) & AEC (P)

Date: 12-Oct-2018


Date: 11-Oct-2018


Date: 10-Oct-2018

Methodist Prayer Convention Past Event

Date: 31-Aug-2018 to 02-Sep-2018
Venue: Sibu

COP & GCEC Past Event

Date: 09-Aug-2018 to 11-Aug-2018
Venue: KK

Council Meetings (S & S) COT, Medical Council, COE, AEC

Date: 20-Jul-2018
Venue: Sibu

COT (P) & AEC (P)

Date: 13-Jul-2018


Date: 19-Jun-2018

GC Combined PMR (English) Past Event

Date: 15-May-2018 to 17-May-2018
Venue: KL

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