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PRAYER LETTER 5, July 2014: English, BM, Mandarin, Tamil

PRAYER LETTER 4, June 2014: English, BM, Mandarin, Tamil

PRAYER LETTER 3, May 2014: English, BM, Mandarin, Tamil

PRAYER LETTER 2, April 2014: English, BM, Mandarin, Tamil

PRAYER LETTER 1, March 2014: English, BM, Mandarin, Tamil



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What is fasting?
Generally, it means abstaining from drink and/food for a period undertaken in a spiritual context often for specific reasons. This could be practiced individually or corporately.

What is true fasting?
It’s about positioning/ opening ourselves to God’s work & purposes. It expresses humility, repentance, self-discipline, and absolute dependence on God. It involves the giving of ourselves, prayer, intercessions and seeking guidance from God.

Isa. 58:5-12; Mt. 6:16-18 are helpful for us to understand what God regards as true fasting.

What is the goal of fasting? 
To repent from our sins, turn from our wicked ways, and with sensitised spiritual senses seek His face so that our communion with God will be deepened, and the Lord’s will be done.

What makes for effective & meaningful fasting?
The attitude& focus of our heart will determine the degree of breakthrough & desired outcomes experienced.
Hence, we need to sincerely examine our hearts, submit and (re)align our heart & mind with God’s, allow Him to work in us without reserve, so that His will become our will.
Only then are we free to offer genuine prayers for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth - in our lives, our families, our churches and every arena of society.
True fasting would be evidenced by fruits of change in our habits & lifestyle, which will demonstrate kingdom values and principles in words and deeds that glorify God as Lord in our daily lives.

Types of Fast
Do feel free to undertake the type of fast as God leads you:
Total Fast: Partaking only of water and liquids, abstaining from solid food
One Meal Fast: Sacrificing one meal a day
Daniel Fast: Abstaining from meat, eating only fruits and vegetables

Note: Abstention from “distractions & addictions” such as the television, newspapers, computer games, movies, the Internet/Facebook is strongly encouraged during fasting.

Include others in your fast
Family Fast: To build family altars, agree to fast and pray as a family. Decide on the type of fast that family members are comfortable with. For Family Devotion Time: gather to read the Word and pray according to the prayer theme/focus/purpose.
Cell Group Fast: Fast together as a group by agreeing on a specific type of fast.
You may schedule a specific time each day for cell members to synchronize prayers as they fast.
Church Fast: Encourage members in your church to fast together on a specific day/week.
Mobile/Skype Fast: Commit to pray with someone by keeping a daily prayer appointment by phone. Agree on a specific time and call each other up to pray.


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