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01-Jan-2017 Wesley Methodist Church, Penang - 125th Anniversary Celebration
Cover Story
01-Jan-2016 “A Year of Goodwill and Goodworks”
Bishop's Message
01-Nov-2016 “Christmas - Certainty in Uncertain Times”
Cover Story
01-Dec-2013 “CHRISTMAS - Hope Beyond Optimism”
Cover Story
01-Apr-2017 “God chooses volunteers and gives us amazing jobs to do. I believe He will help me for He is my constant companion.”
New BB Sarawak State Commissioner Hon. Capt. Hii King Ong
01-Sep-2016 “I can do all these through Him who gives me strength.”
01-Apr-2017 “LAMENTATION - Never Beyond Hope”
Cover Story
01-May-2017 “Teachers as Nation Builders - Frustrated but Unhindered”
Klang Valley Christian Teachers’ Day Celebration 2017
Cover Story
01-Aug-2016 “TO KNOW MALAYSIA IS TO BLESS MALAYSIA” - The Issachar Watchmen Movement 2016
Cover Story
01-Aug-2013 “To the Ends of the Earth” – Mission Camp
News from CAC
01-Jun-2014 “布道我行!”2014 年布道营
《南钟》2014 年 5-6 月号<年会动态>
CAC News
01-Aug-2013 “直到地极”宣教营
News from CAC. 《南钟》2013年7-8月号<年会动态>
01-Aug-2015 120th Anniversary Thanksgiving Celebration
Penang Chinese Methodist Church (Madras Lane) Translation from the Chinese version
01-Aug-2015 19th National SPM Bible Knowledge Quiz 2015
Council of Education (COE)
01-Aug-2015 2015 Bible Knowledge Quiz
Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC). Article is taken from Connection dated 9 August 2015 issue.
01-Dec-2007 32nd Session Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference
13-16 November 2007, Sibu
01-Dec-2007 32nd Session Sarawak Iban Annual Conference
9-11 November 2007, Sibu
01-Dec-2007 32nd Session Trinity Annual Conference
24-27 November 2007, Penang
01-Dec-2007 47 Graduates from Methodist Theological School, Sibu

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