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Title: The Second Mission and Evangelism Conference
Date: 01-Apr-2016
Category: CAC News

CAC organised The Second Mission and Evangelism Conference from 10 – 12 March 2016 in Mahkota Hotel, Melaka. The conference theme was “Spreading throughout Homeland, Blessing All Nations and All People”.

At the opening ceremony, President Boh recounted that there were 207 participants at The First Conference in 2009. The present Conference, attended by 622 participants made history: Eleven from The Methodist Apostolic Church of India, eight from Northern Thai, one from Wan Hong, Myanmar, twelve from The Methodist Church of Myanmar and five from Medan.

The President’s sermon featured the theme, “What are you doing here?” (1 Kings 19:10-18). There were three emphases: Elijah was a faithful servant of the Lord, greatly used by the Lord, and the prophet grew weary too. The President then presented an overview of the mission and evangelism work of the Annual Conference in various countries both in the past and at present. He encouraged those who are currently weary while serving.

The theme speaker, Rev. James Hudson Taylor (Mobilisation Director of Overseas Mission Fellowship of Hong Kong) spoke in fluent Mandarin about the opportunities in mission. He spoke on the three reasons why the present era is very exciting: Transport is economical and convenient, movement of the population, and hastening of the Great Commission. Many countries in the world still ban missionaries, yet they do not prevent evangelists from entering. Thus, apostles play an important role.

Bishop Immanuel Lim from Korea  arrived in Nepal in the 1990s. In his 25 years of service, he has established 313 Methodist churches, preaching points and welfare organisations. The membership exceeds 30,000, with 127 ordained ministers. Every church is pastored by a full 
time minister. Bishop Lim said that the needs of the earthquake victims remain aplenty. 

The five workshops at the Conference were fully attended. At the closing ceremony, delegates from different countries expressed positive and affirming responses towards the Conference. After the inspiring commissioning ceremony, President Boh declared the Conference officially closed.

Reported by: Kam Fui Yee
Translated by: Tan Chee Mun



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