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Title: 拨款支持140位贫穷学生
Date: 01-Apr-2016
Category: Methodist Pilley Institute (MPI)
Description: 毕理学院关爱弱势群体

上帝爱世人,关心贫穷人, 毕理学院自2016年起,开 始了一项弱势群体支持活 动,从每个学期的新生学费中,抽 出10%以支持140位贫穷学生。 

毕理学院每年都有3个新生入学期, 即正月、五月与七月。因此,从今 年开始,每名新生都会间接参与此 活动。 

该140位贫穷学生分别是来自美里 杜当堂社区学习中心的40位学生、 古晋Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak D’wira的40位与诗巫的Destiny for Children Association Sibu (Destiny Centre)的60位学生。

该学院董事长张济仁特别在毕理学 院创校25周年感恩礼拜中推展此活 动,并强调上帝是爱世人的上帝, 尤其是弱势群体,而毕理学院做为 教会机构,更应该在社会中扮演关 爱社会弱势群体的角色,于是这项 行动因而衍生。

同时,这也是一项“截断恶性循 环”的行动,因为一个生在贫穷家 庭的孩子,免不了难以接受很好的 教育,进而在成长过程中很大可能 性会误入歧途,甚至在还没有准备 好的情况下组织家庭,并有了下一 代,恶性循环就开始了。 

而毕理学院所提供的帮助,在一定 的程度上帮助了这些孩子,从而让 他们得到较好的教育,减少他们走上歪路的机会,让他们开始另一个 循环。  

为了让毕理学院的学生能够实际参 与这项关爱社会弱势群体的行动 中,该学院亦鼓励学校的各社团 在进行社团活动时,能够让相关孩 子们参与,并与他们建立美好的关 系。


MPI supports 140 needy students

 to the teaching that God loves the world and cares for the poor, Methodist Pilley Institute (MPI) has started a support group ministry this year.

10% of the tuition fees collected from new intake will be allocated to support 140 poor students. As such, starting this year, each new student will be involved in this ministry indirectly. 

Currently MPI has three intakes each year; January, May and July.

These students are from: Community Learning Centre of Miri Gereja Methodist Tudan (40), Kuching Pusat Jagaan Kanak-Kanak (40) and Sibu Destiny Centre (60).

MPI’s Chairman Mr Chang Jih Ren launched the ministry during the 25th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service. He stressed that God loves the world, especially the disadvantaged groups. MPI as a church institution should play the role of caring for the socially-disadvantaged groups which is the main reason for starting this ministry, he added. 

This is a “break-the-vicious circle” program. A child born in a poor family may find it difficult to receive good education and in the growing-up process, there is a high probability that he may go astray. He may even be ill-prepared to start a new family and will most probably be caught in the vicious cycle again. 

MPI hopes the financial aid, to a certain extent, will help these students get a better education, thus reducing the probability of going astray, hence allowing them to break away from the vicious cycle to have a better life.

To enable MPI students to be more involved in this ministry, the Institute encourages all student bodies to invite these poor students to join in their activities so as to cultivate a better relationship between them.

Reported by April Lu
Translated by KT Chew



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