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Title: National Champion and Making Malaysia Proud in the World Robotics Olympiad
Date: 01-Jan-2017
Category: Council of Education (COE) News
Description: MBSSKL Robotic Team

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) especially Robotics has been one of  the niche areas of Methodist Boys’ Secondary School (MBSSKL) since becoming a Cluster School of Excellence in 2008. Though the school is quite advanced in the ICT, robotics was a different ball game altogether. None of the teachers had any experience in this area and the school had to rely on feedback from the primary schools to get the club started. Thanks be to God, with hard work and support of teachers and pa- rents, the school was able to get a good trainer and thereafter, the club started on firm grounds. It became a magnet that drew students with good robotics background from the neighbouring schools. From there the club shot up to greater heights, with participation in the finals of the National Robotic Championship (NRC) but not becoming champion. The school Under 15 team snatched the bronze in the 2015 national finals and got to represent Malaysia in the 12th World Robotic  Olympiad in Doha, Qatar. Last year with hard work, support and prayers from all parties, again the Under 15 boys (Junior High Team) emerged as the national champion in the NRC. With this win, the team of 3 boys, Gilford Tang, Kua Boon Yan, Wong Weng Wah represented Malaysia in the 13th WRO from 24-28 November in New Delhi. Though the team got into the semi finals only, their position contributed to the points that enabled Malaysia to emerge as the champion from a total of 57 participating countries for the sixth time in the WRO. We have made Malaysia proud. Go Forward MBS!

Submitted by:
Mr Wong Chee Kheon
Principal MBSSKL

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