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Title: Indigenous Ministry Task Force (IMTF) Conference 2017
Date: 01-Jul-2017
Category: Features
Source/Author: Mr Michael William

The Methodist Church in Malaysia organized its first Indigenous Ministry Task Force (IMTF) 2017 conference. All the annual, provisional and mission conferences met together to share, discuss and plan ahead for the ministries to be carried out amongst the indigenous peoples of Malaysia.

There were 91 participants who met at the KL Wesley Methodist Church from the 21st to the 22nd of July 2017. The conference began with President Tie King Tai exhorting all the participants to see the mission field as God’s mission field and the church as His partners. Each of the 7 conferences shared its experiences, challenges and ministries in the field. As each annual conference shared, the participants began to understand the ministry in greater detail which led to valuable insight on their own ministries. Everyone was also then called to pray for each other after each conference shared.

We had 3 invited speakers to this conference as well. They were Pastor Hashin who ministers amongst the Temuan peoples in Selangor, Pastor Ting Leh Nah who ministers amongst the indigenous peoples along the Rejang basin and Pastor Esther Golingi who ministers in Sabah through Perhimpunan Anak Negeri (PAN). All of our invited speakers were missionaries in the field. Their experiences gave rich input to our participants.

As the conference drew to its close, all the conference participants grouped together to discuss their thoughts and suggested plans for the new quadrennium. Each conference was asked to share its priorities for ministry so as to give a big picture of the indigenous ministry for the Methodist Church in Malaysia.

Truly God is at work in Malaysia and as Jesus exhorted us, we are called to make disciples of every ethnic group for His glory and for the blessings of our nation. 

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