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Title: Mission Statement: Growing in Christ, Our Living Hope. Touching Lives, Bringing Hope
Date: 01-May-2014
Category: TRAC News
Source/Author: By Ida Khoo
Description: Living Hope Methodist Church

I was called to attend a meeting on 29th August 2013 at Simon & Michelle’s home to discuss the possibility of setting up a church in Kota Kemuning. There were only 14 of us and we were briefed by the TRAC President, Rev. Jeyakumar. He had been praying for six years about setting up a preaching point here.

As Kota Kemuning is a well-populated area
with many Methodists living here, we decided that we should start a family-friendly church and minister to every generation. In order to do this, we should begin with a Children and Youth Ministry. We would
look for the ground floor unit of a shop-lot to cater to those who find it difficult to climb the stairs. We targeted for a congregation of 40 people. Rev. Jeyakumar told us to unite our hearts and minds, to set our hands to the plough, and pray every Thursday at 10pm.

At a second meeting on 29th September
2013, with 23 people present, Pastor Soh Tian Soo of Trinity Sungai Buloh gave us an insight into how they started a preaching point there with a covenant group. We were advised to appoint 8 to 10 Ministry Heads and draw up a roster for preachers, worship leaders and musicians.

identified a shop-lot opposite Aeon Big, Bukit Rimau and confirmed that we wanted to rent the ground floor together with the first floor to start our church service in February 2014.

Eleven people attended the third meeting
on 27th October 2013. Nine core ministries
were identified (Property – Tan Teik Beng
/Simon Chan; Administration – Margaret Khoo; Treasurer – Ida Khoo; Children – Ian Lau/ Janice; Youth – Lester Lim; Worship & Music – Roy Lim; Small Group – Dr Chan Chee Yan/Archie Sitther; IT – Cheah Lu Hsun; Publications – Joel Lye through Rev Jeyakumar).

Our fourth meeting on 1st December 2013
was attended by 15 people. We discussed the need to set up the renovation team as the tenancy agreement had been signed and a bank account opened with 3 signatories (Ida Khoo, Archie Sitther & Koh Ai Lin). We agreed to hold our church service from 10am to 11.30am with the Children and Youth Ministry on Saturdays from 3pm to 4.30pm. At this meeting, our Vision/Mission statement was born: “GROWING IN CHRIST OUR LIVING HOPE. TOUCHING LIVES BRINGING HOPE”

Rev Jeyakumar sent out email to appeal for
financial help from the District Churches.
Sponsors gave generously in cash and kind (e.g. air-conditioners, carpets, tables). With God at the helm, other churches also gave their best. The main contractor was identified and Margaret and Jenny tirelessly coordinated the renovation works beginning from December 2013. We got the keys early as we had to complete the renovation before Chinese New Year (31 January 2014) as January was the official rent-free renovation period given by the landlord.

We had our pre-inaugural service meeting
at the church on 26th January 2014 with 18 people attending. Many things were discussed, including whether we needed to erect little directional signs with arrows to the location. We were still missing our signboard for “Living Hope Methodist Church” but true to her word, Jenny Qua managed to get it done for us on time.

We formed the Executive Team for decision-
making comprising the Ministry Team together with Dr. Chan Chee Yan (Chairman), Archie & Dorita Sitther, Mary Chan, and Koh Ai Lin.

We had our inaugural church service on
Sunday, 9th February 2014 attended by 130 people, along with our generous donors. Our 8th worship service was held on 30th March 2014 with a congregation of 42 people.

I have written a chronological sequence
of events leading to the birth of LHMC to show that God truly wants this church (after six years of prayer) to exist for His Ministry according to His plan:-

1. The premises are highly visible. We
were able to get both the ground floor and the first floor together. The timing of the confirmation of rental, handing over of the keys and the rent-free renovation period was simply remarkable.

2. The Bank account was opened without hassle as the Branch Manager understands that we are a church.

3. Funds were obtained from sponsors for renovation and many items were contributed.

4. The target date of 9th February 2014 was met promptly owing to the co-operation & and teamwork of all (although some had to bear a greater burden than others). It was a wonder how God transformed the bare premises into a cozy, user-friendly church by guiding the human hands at work.

5. Our congregation reached 40+ after two months – I was worried but my sister told me that our job is to get the church ready and God will bring the people in!

6. We have a team from different churches working together–Wesley Klang, Trinity PJ, EMC PJ, Wesley KL, SSMC, and a student from STM Seremban but we only have one head–God Himself.

We look back to see how wonderfully God put together this simple church and now we look forward to see more of His wonders as He fills His church with Life and Hope and pours His blessings on all who come to this church.We look back to see how wonderfully God put together this simple church and now we look forward to see more of His wonders as He fills His church with Life and Hope and pours His blessings on all who come to this church.




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