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Title: Testimony at Grand parents Baptism (March 2014)
Date: 01-Jun-2014
Category: Testimony
Source/Author: By Clareen C.

Last year in May, mummy, my sister Rebekah and I went for a seminar about ‘How to share the gospel with your friends’ in our church. It was very difficult to understand. So mummy told us to start with the ones closest to us. Jie jie and I thought about our family members especially ‘mama’ and ‘yeye’ who were not going to church. So mummy told us to pray for them.

When the children decided to pray I confess that I feared their prayers might not be answered as it been many years that I tried to talk to them about God. But God is good and the children’s faith were rewarded. When my mother in law was diagnosed with cancer in August last year, it was the beginning of a very challenging journey for our whole family. She battled the disease fiercely, and sometimes disagreed
with us just as much. She collapsed in September after chemotherapy and as I witnessed the nurses resuscitating her, I cried to God that I didn’t want her to go then as I was not sure if she knew Jesus yet. God spared her. Then, I cried to God that I didn’t know how to share the gospel with her. God sent a long line of people to pray for her and to share the news of eternal life with her, from our church, and our circle of friends in other churches- some of whom are here today to witness the fruition of what God has moved. Beginning with two children’s simple prayer.

our family is grateful to God first and foremost for His grace on our lives and now on Beckie and Zak’s grandparents! Chen Swee Huang and San Yuen Hun. We are also grateful to all of you who have helped them move forward towards God’s Kingdom and Life Eternal. All Praise to God in heaven.

God gave my mother in law another few
weeks to spend with her family. During this period she shared that she had seen a bright light and two persons inviting her to move on. The children continued ministering to her in their own little ways by singing to her songs and we told her more about Jesus using the children’s Bibles. We believe that she learnt enough in that short time to know that the bright light held something beauti
ful for her. On April 26, she took her final step in her earthly journey and moved into our Heavenly Father’s eternal home.

This testimony was prepared and delivered
by Rebekah and Zachary Chen at their grandparents’ baptism.

Clareen C.
18th June 2014

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