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Title: Miracles in the Estate (2)
Date: 01-Nov-2014
Category: Testimony
Source/Author: By Lila Chelliah

Several months ago, while sharing God’s Word in a home prayer meeting in an estate off Karak, Pahang, I met up with Ananthi. She was born in that estate, grew up in the estate, and at a young age had become a rubber-tapper like her mother.

When she was 18, she had accepted Christ. Her faith and her Christian values brought much ridicule and opposition from her family and the large community of non-believers among whom she lived and worked. The daily persecution and torture made her cry much before the Lord. Under immense
pressure, she finally decided to leave the
estate and move into a ‘Taman’ nearby. In April 2014, she fasted and prayed seeking God for a rented house in the Taman. One day, while walking around the Taman looking for a house for rental, she saw a nice house that was up for sale. She stood outside the house and with no money but faith in Jesus, called the telephone number displayed on the gate. The house-owner asked to see her in 2 days’ time.

She asked God to help her get that house
and that she will use that house to reach out to the large Indian population there. Though it was a low-cost housing area, that house with 3 bedrooms and a large kitchen, was tastefully done and well-furnished. The price was RM120,000. With much prayer it was brought to RM110,000 and God worked amazingly to get her a bank loan.

The house-owner wanted to hand over the
keys only in August but because Ananthi had to give notice to her estate management and leave the estate quarters where she was staying, by May, she prayed to the Lord that the house-owner will give the keys by 1st June. The Lord answered and on 1
st June she got the keys and moved in.

When I visited her in her new home in August
this year, she held a prayer meeting and invited many non-believers she had made friends in that Taman. She had a special pulpit made and as I stood there and shared God’s Word and prayed for the many who came to get a touch from the Lord, I saw her faith and God’s faithfulness. Her home is truly striking and shining bright. She continues to have prayer meetings in her home every Thursday so that many will come to hear the Gospel message of salvation.

The faith that was born in the estate is now
shining in the Taman ……….. .

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