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Title: A Parent’s Letter to Wesley Methodist School, KL
Date: 01-Apr-2015
Category: Testimony
Source/Author: Mr & Mrs Loke Fu Wah
Description: Methodist Council of Education (COE)

March 23, 2015

Dear Mdm Chia,

Six years ago, our daughter, Odelia walked into Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (WMSKL), sat for her entrance exam and was accepted by your school, the BEST in the country, not just in name but in good deeds. WMSKL is noted for:-

• Instilling the value of devotion to God & Family;
• Inculcating the concern for others;
• Fostering the spirit of giving & sharing
• Honing the skills of academic excellence

My husband and I can still remember vividly how Mdm Pearl Moses, the vice principal and her teachers, have shown great care and concern over our daughter’s unexplained weight-loss when she was in Form Two.

For months, they have cared and counselled our daughter, in ways that went above and beyond their call of duty. As parents, we were indeed very thankful & blessed that Odelia was a student of WMSKL. It was a blessing that we would like to share with all the parents who have children studying here in WMSKL, as well as those in other schools.

In our hearts, WMSKL is no ordinary school, yet it caters to ordinary people like us. For sure, it is not a school that is dollar-driven. It is one that is driven by the power of LOVE, DEVOTION, CARE & COMMITMENT, to nurture the young that goes above and beyond the boundaries of the rich and poor, colour and creed.

It was here in WMSKL that Odelia was given the opportunity to excel in both her studies and extra-curriculum activities.

her five memorable years in this school, she has had a blend of laughter and tears, rain and sunshine that saw her through one test after another. It was this so called, test of fire that has made her the finest steel – A SHINING LIGHT.

Here, we want to THANK ALL of You - Mdm Chia
Loy Tian, Mdm Pearl Moses, Mdm Cecilia Ratnam, Ms Anne Charley, Mdm Zuhairah Hodari, Mdm Irene Wong, Library Assistants, Teachers, Counsellors and all Non Academic Staff for your BIG HAND in making
Odelia a piece of finest steel.

As a gesture of appreciation to all of you, my husband and I would like to make a small donation in the school. Of course, what we are giving today can never measure up to the love, care and guidance that all of you have given to Odelia over the years.

We sincerely hope that Odelia will continue to be a shing light to others, in just the same way that all of you are to her.

Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Mr & Mrs Loke Fu Wah

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