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Title: TAC History Forum 2017
Date: 01-Nov-2017
Category: TAC News

Today in History, Saturday 8th April 2017, the Tamil Annual Conference Board on Archive and History (BOAH) with the help of Board of Laity organized the first TAC History Forum 2017 at Emmanuel Christian Assembly, Taiping with the theme, ‘Looking back to look forward’. A total of 210 people from the Northern and Perak Districts, including the speakers, attended the forum. TMC Sg. Petani sent 40 participants and that was the largest number sent by a local church. A short quiz was made available to gauge how much the participants know about our history.

Mr. Steven Sekhar thanked God for the role of the BOAH. He shared that the History Forum is a platform for us to review, understand and move forward in the mission and purpose God has for TAC in Malaysia.

The 2nd session of the TAC History Forum 2017 for the remaining Central, Selangor, Southern and Eastern Districts was held on Saturday, 20th May at Wesley Kuala Lumpur with exactly the same theme and speakers.

The keynote address, entitled ‘Looking Back to Look Forward’ was presented by Rev. Victor Vethamani. He emphasized that only when we look back in history, will we begin to understand our present situation better and get a clearer direction for the future.

Rev. Dennis Raj gave the closing address on ‘Where do we go from here?’ He stressed that where we are now and what we have are because of the past and what we have learnt. What we do now will determine our future. The FUTURE is NOW! We must work hard and invest in our youngsters too. Our future is in God’s hands. We must patch up all our shortcomings and weaknesses. Rev. Dennis Raj invited us in making a commitment to do what the Lord says and to go where he points. In the closing remarks, the BOAH Chairman, Mr. Steven Sekhar thanked all the speakers. 

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