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Title: SIAC and PMSM Youth Mission Trip to Myanmar
Date: 01-Aug-2018
Category: TRAC News

A combined team of young people from the SIAC and PMSM went to Myanmar for a mission trip. This team comprised 7 youths from SIAC and 5 youths from PMSM. They were led by Rev. and Mrs. Christopher Rao from Wesley Methodist Church Teluk Intan and Mr. and Mrs. Hon Seong Lim from Wesley Methodist Church Kepong. 2 adult pastors from PMSM also accompanied them.

The objectives of this trip are as follows:

  1.  Provide cross-cultural mission exposure to the indigenous youths.
  2.  Provide opportunities for ministries in a cross-cultural setting.
  3.  Provide opportunities for interactions between youths from different cultural backgrounds.

The trip was initiated by the Bishop’s office and was carried out in collaboration with the Bishop of Lower Myanmar Methodist Church’s Office in Yangon. The newly elected Bishop together with the Pastors’ of the Lower Myanmar Methodist Church gracious hosted and participated in the various programmes which were carried out.

Based in Yangon, the team also ministered in the neighbouring towns of Dala, Bago and Thanylin. Their activities included meeting up with youths from different tribal groups, sharing of testimonies from youths of both countries, preaching in worship services and finally praying and fellowshipping with each other.

Our youths were blessed by the worshipful devotion and posture of Myanmar youths. Many of them were impacted by the seriousness and commitment of the Myanmar youths in worshipping God and hearing the Word. One of our youths from PMSM, Shafida, noted that unlike the local youths in her church, Myanmar youths were very serious in worshipping God. She was amazed at the ‘focus and concentration’ given at the time of worship. She said she would like to bring that back to the youths in her village.

Through their interactions and ministry amongst the Myanmar people, many of our young missionaries grew a heart for them. Being able to pray, worship, and serve together left a deep impact amongst our young people.

Rev. Christopher noted that he was pleasantly surprised to see how our youths blended so well and naturally with Myanmar Youths. Many of them indicated that they felt at home and comfortable relating to the Myanmarese. He believed that their presence was also a blessing for the Myanmar youths. It gave them the opportunity to bring their youths together and to do something that would empower their young people.

Pastor Christopher also noted that the trip gave our youths the opportunity to be exposed to youths from a different background. He noted that youths learn much more quickly when there was a good and healthy peer influence.

Above all, the whole team thanked God, who gave them much favour in the eyes of their fellow Myanmar brothers and sisters. They felt that the top leadership of the Myanmar church showed them so much of support that they were truly blessed. They also thanked God for the adults in the team who facilitated mentoring team members on a ‘one-to-one’ basis and provided logistic support for the team to function effectively.

By Rev. Christopher Rao

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