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Title: BB Love Box - A Mosaic of Generosity
Date: 01-Dec-2018
Category: SCAC News

DEC 8, MIRI – After five weeks from its launching, the BB Love Box came to a close at Bintang Mega Mall (BMM).

The Guest-of-Honor was Dato’ Lau Siu Wai, duly represent- ed by Allen Wong Lung Hing, the Event Manager of BMM.

Honorary Captain Hii King Ong, the Sarawak State Commissioner of The Boys’ Brigade In Malaysia (BB), delivered his speech during the Closing Ceremony.

Also in attendance were the BB Deputy Sarawak State Com- missioner, Honorary Captain Lawrence Wong Ching Tuong, Rev. Simon Ting Chu Yih, Miri District Superintendent of the Methodist Churches, Frankie Choo Ngie Ping from Sarawak Oil Palms Bhd, Petrus Lasong from BEM On The Rock, Miri Brigade Officers and Members.

In his speech, Commissioner Hii thanked Dato’ Lau Siu Wai and Bintang Mega Mall for their generosity and the free use of premises. He also congratulated the Northern Region Boys’ Brigade (Bintulu, Miri and Limbang) for collectively raising 5,500 gifts for the needy people and students.

The recipients were: Bintulu - SJK Sebiew, SMK Bandar, Perpikat Bintulu, PKKN Bintulu, Kidurong KM15, Sg Plan New Squatters, Rumah Panjang Jalan Sebauh, Miri - SMK Chung Hua, SMK Dato’ Permaisuri, SMK St. Columba, SMK Bakong, SMK Riam, SMK Pujut, SJK(C) Chung Hua Krokop, SJK(C) Chung Hua Lutong, SJK(C) Chung Hua Miri, SJK(C) Chung Hua Pujut, SJK(C) North, SJK(C) Chung San, SJK(C) Chung Hua Tudan, SJK(C) Chung Hua Bakam, SK Pujut Corner, SK St Columba, Tadika Riam, Mei Ann MC (BM Congregation), Gan En MC (BM Congregation), Taman Tunku MC (BM Congregation), Gereja Methodist Tudan (BM Congregation), Life MC (BM Congregation), Yi En MC (BM Congregation), Permyjaya MC (BM Congregation), BEM On The Rock, Tudan Learning Center, Rumah Panjang Peter, Rumah Panjang Nora, Rumah Panjang Kam, Rumah Panjang Gasah, Desarus, Limbang - SMK Limbang, SMK Kubong, SJK (C) Yuk Hin and SJK Chung Hwa Limbang.

For the first time since its inception six years ago, the BB Love Box was done simultaneously throughout Sarawak’s three regions Southern (Kuching and Sri Aman), Central (Sibu, Bintangor and Sarikei) and Northern (Bintulu, Miri and Limbang).

Publicity on the Love Box was further enhanced through major newspapers, the popular radio station TEA FM and social media platforms Facebook, YouTube and Whatsapp.

Rev. Dr. Tie King Tai, the President of the Methodist Sarawak Chinese Annual Conference (SCAC), personally helped to promote the project with video via YouTube and Whatsapp. Other pastors who also enthusiastically promoted the Love Box were Rev. Alfred Damu Bulang (St. Columba Anglican Church, Miri), Rev. Law Hui Seng (Eng Tao MC, Sibu), Rev. Nicholas Tan (Gereja Methodist Tudan, Miri) and Pastor Linberg Wong (Agape Grace MC, Miri), Rev. Winnie Lau (Gan En MC, Miri), Rev. Eric Hii (Hwai En MC) and Rev. Lu Yia Ping (Mei Ann MC).

A Mosaic of Generosity
Encouragement and support for the Love Box came in all forms of unexpected and pleasant surprises bundled with heartwarming stories.

When YB Dr Michael Teo Yu Keng, the Member of Parliament for Miri, pledged RM3,000 during the Opening Ceremony, the BB Sarawak State Council subsequently received RM5,000!

The community-at-large are such a generous and caring people. During the event period, so many good-hearted people came forward to donate unconditionally. Many were humble and chose to remain anonymous.

At the Bintang Mall Love Box booth, a group of five visiting students from SJK Chee Mung (Batu Niah), even pooled their pocket money to buy a 2-kg packet of Milo! Their testimony was uploaded in Facebook. “I’m sure these students have learned the good moral value of helping others who are in need. Thank you to Miss Choo Chung Mee, the teacher-in-charge of these students. You have taught them education is not confined to learning inside the classroom only,” commented Commissioner Hii in his speech.

A young family from Brunei bought three bags of rice, Milo, school bags without any hesitation when they were approached by the BB Officers on duty at the booth. Such acts of generosity were aplenty and encouraging.

“Helping people when they are down is the gift of a helping hand depicted in the Book of Ecclesiastes (4:9) and a friend brings warmth to our lives.,” continued Commissioner Hii, who is also the Honorary Captain of 7th Kuching Coy.

“We cannot deny there are needy people in our community. During this season of Christmas, it is a timely reminder for the more fortunate to render practical and emotional support to the less fortunate. In The Boys’ Brigade, it is our duty to lift them up. When we bless others, we in turn receive blessings, encouragement and strength,” he added.

Big corporations, Pullman Waterfront Hotel Miri and Sarawak Oil Palms Berhad participated as collaborators in Miri. The former even organized a Christmas Lighting Ceremony on Nov 22 and extended their invitation to students and teachers of Tudan Learning Center to the event, followed by a scrumptious buffet dinner.

The Boys’ Brigade Sarawak State Council wishes to thank all who have donated and helped make the BB Love Box an overwhelming success.

by Lt James TC Wong, 4th Miri

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