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Title: Gereja Methodist Iban Miri
Date: 01-Mar-2019
Category: SIAC News

•  Formed in 1984 to cater for Non English speaking members. 
•  Originally started with 10 – 15 Families and now there are around 100 families. 
•  Prior to using the newly completed Church at Lutong, Miri, worship services were carried   out in homes, Police Field Camp and Shop Lot allocated by SCAC Life Methodist church. 

Background of church members 
•  About 80% of the members are those employed in offshore oil and gas companies, construction industries and those doing odd jobs. 
•  They reside around Tudan, Kampung Pasir, Sea-line, Kampung Api-Api, Pujut, Kerbau, Pujut Corner within the vicinity of the newly completed Church.
•  Members are mainly from Sibu, Kapit, Sarikei, and Bintangor Divisions looking for job opportunities in Miri. 

Current Activities of the Church
•  Sunday Worship Services every Sunday.
•  Sunday School along with Sunday Worship Service.
•  Monthly Bible Study.
•  Evangelism around Miri include visits to the hospital and to old age members homes, especially those who are not able to attend Sunday Services.
•  Methodist Women Fellowship activities on a weekly basis. 
•  Youth weekly development program include praise and worship, music, etc.
•  Organise Divisional Youth Camp periodically. 
•  Organise seminars and workshops. 

The New Church 
•  The one acre piece of land was allocated by the State Government on 27.10.2010. It is located near Lutong. 
•  The Plan is to build; 

  1. a Church building with a main hall for worship services. It will also include pastors’ offices, prayer room, meeting room and 4 rooms for Sunday school and; 
  2. A pastor’s residence, an annex to the main building

•  Construction works commenced on 08th August, 2015 after obtaining necessary approvals for the building plans. 
•  Church building was completed in September 2018 with bit of work remaining to be completed.
•  Dedication service was carried out by our Bishop Dr. Ong Hwai Teik on 16 Feb 2019.
•  The pastor’s residence will be built upon securing sufficient funds.
•  Remaining works include fixtures and furniture for Sunday School classrooms, Prayer room and Meeting room and tiling work on the first floor.
•  Total construction cost @ 31.1.19 - RM 1,804,952 
•  Total Funds collected @ 31.1.19 – RM 1,585,420 
•  Total Debt = RM 219,532.00
•  Estimated cost of remaining works. 
(i) Pastor’s residence – RM 300,000.
(ii) Fixtures and furniture for class rooms for Sunday school, meeting rooms, prayer room and tiling of first floor – RM 50,000. 

The New Church – (Sources of Funds) 
•  Sarawak State Government – allocation of land 
•  SCAC Churches
•  Christian friends from Singapore
•  SIAC Churches 
•  Monthly contribution and pledges from members
•  Personal donation and contribution (in cash and materials) 

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