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Title: National Prayer Stations
Date: 01-Jun-2016
Category: Features
Source/Author: By Pastor Ngo Chi Meei
Description: Methodist School of Intercessors (MSI)

Prayer stations are created space for people to encounter God in their lives, to meditate and reflect on His Word, to speak to Him, and also to listen. People enter and participate at their own pace and level. One particular feature of prayer stations is that they encourage the use of all our senses in prayer: taste, sight, touch, smell, hearing and mind. These help engage those who find praying for an hour challenging. Prayer stations can be highly creative or very simple. But each station should provide a reflection and focus, perhaps with Bible verses and a suggested activity. Setting up prayer stations is not impossible. Almost anyone can do it. However, let it not be a task to get God to do something we think need to be done but to become aware of what God is doing so that we can respond to it and participate and take delight in it.

The birth of the overarching theme for 2016 MSI National Prayer Station was the result of intense drawing near to God— entering the ‘war room’ to wrestle with Him and returning to the world in obedience and readiness to do His will. The theme “God’s Holiness and Sovereign Rule over Malaysia” serves; firstly, to affirm the church in Malaysia of His presence, grace and faithfulness (Psalm 118:1). Secondly, to remind God’s people that the Father’s desire is for all man to be saved (John 10:16), that we are His instrument of truth, peace and grace to this land (Mathew 5:16). Lastly, and most important of all, it is a clarion call for God’s church to arise; united in mind and soul to sound the trumpet and plead for God’s mercy for our nation (Psalm 123).

The national prayer journey begins with a call to celebrate God’s goodness and faithfulness for Malaysia: (a) giving thanks to God for the 58 years of independence, peace and harmony; (b) praising Him for this beautiful country so rich with natural resources; and (c) celebrating the diversity of race and culture. Below you will find descriptions and images for each of the prayer stations.

Station 1: Celebrating God’s goodness and faithfulness for Malaysia
We often fail to pause and admire the lovely nature surrounding us. Neither is it our habit to reflect upon the glory and beauty of our Magnificent Creator, the Outstanding Designer. This station helps us to realign our focus; to set aside time to count the many blessings God has bestowed upon this country. Let us thank Him for the rich, beautiful and diversified nation. May we never stop proclaiming his greatness and faithfulness, sharing his goodness through prayers and acts of mercy. More importantly, may this hour of stopping to smell the roses help us to be attentive to what God, our Father wants to speak to us through nature, people and our surroundings.

Station 2: The Fall of Humanity: Malaysia Today
The presence of darkness in Malaysia is strong. A huge tidal wave of influence is underway in seven spheres of our society: (1) family, (2) social inequality, (3) education, (4) social problems, (5) religious oppression, (6) national governance, and (7) social media. Yet, many churches are too complacent. Some are blinded to the presence of ‘wolves’ and their avid activities in our midst. Others are too busy investing in nonessential-cum-temporary materials. What about you? What do you see/read/hear? What do you sense God is saying to you about the on-going events, concerns, people, etc.? What does the Lord impress upon you to pray?

Station 3: The Holy of Holies: Into the Presence of God
We are waging war not against “flesh and blood but against the spiritual forces of evil” (Ephesians 6:12). To engage in the war, we must rely upon the strength of the Lord’s might supplied primarily through prayers (Ephesians 6:18). Satan’s attacks against the church will continue until Christ comes again. To many, evil seems to be gaining power and darkness is enveloping the clear skies. Yet, in the stillness before God, we see ‘horses and chariots of fire’ from heaven fighting a victorious war (2 Kings 6:17)

Would you unite your heart and soul with others to plead for God’s mercy over this land? Would you remain faithful till the end? Or would you deny Christ? Commit to God ALL concerns/ events/people . . . that He has impressed upon you during your walk at the ‘dark alley’ (referring to Station 2). Cry out to Him! As you leave this space, take heart that our God reigns! Malaysia is not condemned and all the peoples will see the glory of our Risen God (Psalm 97:6). For God’s throne is established from of old, and He is everlasting (Psalm 93:2). His Holiness and Sovereign Rule hovers above the surging waves of Is* in Malaysia. Let us worship Him (Psalm 97:12).

Station 4: Salvation Belongs to God: Out into the World
There are many “dark alleys” in Malaysia. How can there be a breakthrough? “GO,” Jesus said. “BE my witnesses . . . and let your LIGHT shine wherever you are positioned in Malaysia. Let us take heed and respond to His calling. You may (1) light the candle to signify your pledge of allegiance to Christ and rededicate yourself for His purpose and glory; (2) Make a wristband; or a bracelet in a contemplative manner, reflecting and pondering on the seven (7) significant areas Is* is taking root. Take the craft home and pray without ceasing for this beautiful land, called MALAYSIA.

God bless you.

End of journey

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