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Title: Wesley Methodist School Ipoh International Dedicated to the Glory of God!
Date: 01-Jun-2016
Category: Features
Source/Author: By Julia Ratnam
Description: Council Of Education News (COE)

April 16th, 2016 Wesley Methodist School Ipoh (International) (WMSII) was dedicated in a special ceremony. The ceremony was held in the drama room, and featured pastors and servants of God from all over Ipoh. The programme included a beautiful choir rendition by the combined choir under the able leadership of Mdm Yeoh Choo Swee. The joyful voices of the student choir filled the room as they sang The Lord’s Prayer. Rev Chan Theam Lai, the Chairman of the Ipoh Pastors Fellowship then shared a very inspiring message on how having a vision inspires success. He then urged the Christian community to work alongside with the school to make this vision a success. Later, Rev Thomas Chin led in the dedication of the school.

After the dedication service, the crowd adjourned outside the chapel building to witness the ribbon-cutting and balloon-releasing led by Miss Jenny Qua, the Private School Director, Dato Chin Lean Keat, Chairman, Board of Management of WMS, Datin Clareen Chen, CEO of WMSII, Mr. Kong Ah Voon, Lay Leader Wesley Methodist Church Ipoh, Rev Chan Theam Lai, Chairman of the Ipoh Pastors Fellowship and Mdm Cheong Fooi Foon, Chairperson of the School Christian Support Committee.

On that, the Open Day 2016 many parents walked in to enquire about the school, the curriculum and to join in a forum which saw Mr. Ng Kim Huat, the Country Director of Malaysia and Brunei representing Cambridge International Examinations speak about the Cambridge experience.

The dedication service and Open Day was well attended by many parents, members from the Council of Education, staff and supporters. It is the prayer and vision that Wesley Methodist School Ipoh (International) would be a lighthouse to the city, impacting lives and the city through Methodist Education.

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