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Title: Hope Methodist Vocation Centre, Sitiawan Perak
Date: 01-Nov-2016
Category: Methodist Council of Education (COE)

The Goal
The Methodist Church Malaysia, by the grace of God is setting up Hope Methodist Vocation Centre (HMVC), a school to train and equip the marginalized students of lesser academic inclination with basic living skills.

Such skills will empower the target group to make a living with dignity and hope without being enticed into undesirable lifestyles often associated with poverty and unemployment.

This project will also contribute to the deficit in the skilled labour force in Malaysia. The HMVC is a project that seeks to benefit young individuals as well as the country.

The Target Groups
There is a crying need to offer these vocational training opportunities to the poor and less educated, especially among ethnic groups with high school dropout incidences e.g. the Orang Asli, the Indian youths and any other race.

UNICEF Malaysia recently reported that “Despite Malaysia’s success in achieving 96 per cent net primary school ... The dropout rate is 16.7 per cent for rural schools compared to 10.1 per cent for urban ..” 

The Mission of the Methodist Church in Malaysia
It is the Methodist Church’s continuing mission of 125 years to give hope to such youths by academic and vocational education - missionally, excellently and compassionately. It is an attested universal fact that education is a vital “game changer” in any society and country.

The HMVC Motto
“Giving hope in living by giving skills for earning”. 

It is our aim to provide marketable vocational skills in the more “in demand” local industries.


HMVC is located in Sitiawan, Perak using the old Methodist High School building that will be specifically converted for this purpose with the necessary “make over” done.

Time Frame and Scheduling of the HMVC Project.

Renovation began in November 2016 at the initial cost of RM 500,000.00. This would cover the following;
• Hostel for about 60 students, Classroom for learning and workshop for practical learning by training.
• Administrative Office & dining hall, current ground floor building and canteen area will be cleaned up and general toilets be restored.
• A place will be allocated for spiritual development such as regular worship and Chapel services.

The initial plan is to offer two courses viz Aluminum Works and Air-conditioners Services.

A separate sum is needed to be raised as working capital to run the HMVC as we begin to hire staff and recruit students to start the Centre.

We plan to take in the first batch of students in June 2017.

Future Expansion
Further expansion and development will be gradual as we make this Centre of Hope known to our Churches and community. We target to offer 5 courses in the near future and raise RM 3.0 million to operate and sustain this Centre.

Our Appeal
We invite corporations, institutions, individuals and well-wishers who share in this worthwhile vision of meeting such an urgent and strategic need to join us in this mission by your generous gifts, time, various types of contributions and prayers.  
We thank you for giving due consideration of support to this Project.

We are grateful to God that renovation work has started as we continue to look to Him to guide us and bring this to a successful completion.

To God Be the Glory

Submitted by
Mr. Khor Hong Yin
Executive Director
Methodist Council of Education
On behalf of the HMVC Task Force

November 2016

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