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PELITA - The Methodist Church Newsletter
Listed below are articles abstracted from past issues of PELITA

Pelita Methodist October/November 2018
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01-Apr-2019 BB Sarawak attends BCM
01-Apr-2019 A Thanks-Living Life
01-Apr-2019 The “UNTIL” of Easter
For the majority of us in the Protestant churches, Lent is widely observed. Lent is the 40 days [excluding...
Cover Story
01-Apr-2019 Highlights of General Conference Pastors’ School 2019
01-Apr-2019 A Meditation On Worship
Essay - Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah Methodist
01-Mar-2019 Speech at Beautiful Gate [CAC] Dedication - 3 March 2019
Cover Story
01-Mar-2019 Gereja Methodist Iban Miri
01-Mar-2019 A New Social Order — A Meditation
Essay - Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah Methodist
01-Mar-2019 United in Vision, Advancing Christ
01-Mar-2019 Disciple – Under the Tree of Life
01-Jan-2019 A Journey with the Lord— Sharing from a modern pilgrim
01-Jan-2019 Prayer United Leaders’ (Annual) Retreat 2019
01-Jan-2019 A New Experiment In Malayan Education
Essay - Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah Methodist
01-Jan-2019 Wesley Methodist School Bandar Seri Coalfields is Dedicated to the Lord ....... To God Be The Glory
Council of Education (COE) News
01-Jan-2019 Prayer United
01-Jan-2019 Rewind 2018
01-Jan-2019 CFM Christmas Hi-Tea 25 Dec 2018
Hosted by CCM OPENING SPEECH by Bishop Dr Ong Hwai Teik, Acting President, Council of Churches Malaysia
Cover Story
01-Dec-2018 Christmas - God is 100 Percent for Us
Cover Story
01-Dec-2018 Hope Methodist Vocational Centre
Thanksgiving and Dedication Service cum Graduation Ceremony on 26th October 2018
Council of Education (COE) News
01-Dec-2018 Arminianism and Calvinism: How should Arminians (and Calvinists!) Respond (Part 4)

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