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PELITA - The Methodist Church Newsletter
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01-Dec-2019 News from The Malaysia Message
01-Oct-2019 Soaring Like Eagles
Cover Story
01-Oct-2019 TAC Statement
TAC News
01-Oct-2019 SIAC MPC 2019 at Betong Sarawak
01-Oct-2019 The Formation of the Federation of Christian Mission Schools, Malaysia (FCMSM)
Council of Education (COE) News
01-Oct-2019 Founder’s Day and 2019 BB Love Box
01-Oct-2019 Introducing Little Lamb’s Lamp Society Malacca
01-Oct-2019 The Miracle of a Changed Life – John Wesley
N.B. Address at the Service in Commemoration of the Two Hundredth Anniversary of John Wesley’s Conversion in...
Essay - Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah Methodist
01-Aug-2019 BIBLE READING MARATHON Trinity Methodist Church, Petaling Jaya, 28th August 2019.
Adapted from the Message delivered at the launching of the 2nd Klang Valley
Cover Story
01-Aug-2019 Conference Lay Leaders speak on GCLC 2019 The Family After God’s Own Heart
19-21 July 2019, Port Dickson Methodist Centre
GC Methodist Laity Convention
01-Aug-2019 TRAC’s Report GC Laity Convention 2019
GC Methodist Laity Convention
01-Aug-2019 Mega CMC Family Ministry experience
GC Methodist Laity Convention
01-Aug-2019 The 57th Anniversary Dinner of National Council of Women’s Organisations (NCWO)
General Conference Methodist Women (GCMW)
01-Aug-2019 The Second Asian Methodist Mission Platform 2019
News from Asian Methodist Mission
01-Aug-2019 BB Love Box 2019 Press Release
01-Aug-2019 Repot Pengari Ari SIAC Ti Ngulu Aum Besai Periman
Di Port Dickson Methodist Centre kena 19-21 Julai, 2019
GC Methodist Laity Convention
01-Aug-2019 GCLC Reflections from TAC
GC Methodist Laity Convention
01-Jun-2019 Feeling the Pulse of Lighthouse Kapit
01-Jun-2019 Unity in Ecumenicity – The Luther and Vatican Ecumenical Study Trip 2019
Cover Story
01-Jun-2019 Marie A. Oldham
Essay - Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah Methodist

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